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Who needs personnel certification for further development?

Our target groups

Skills requirements are constantly changing and these requirements can be certified by certifications of persons providing reliable guidance for all market players by offering transparency to acquired skills. If you work for a company, training organization or university, or you are an association or authority, learn how PersCert TÜV certification can be beneficial to your success.

Next to supporting you to develop certification programs for your courses, we also offer training modules and accompanying certification for specialist areas, such as Quality Management, Health & Safety, Compliance, Sustainability and Security.


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What do we offer companies?

You are a company offering your employees specific training to develop the skills necessary for your company’s success. We develop the right skills-assessment procedures for you, so you can track the success of these investments, with every employee getting feedback on their knowledge and skills. Our experience shows that participants who have their competence validated by an independent certification body after further training exhibit higher levels of commitment. These valuable certifications help with the further development of your employees, who in turn value them as a contribution to their personal and professional skills management. We also offer you the chance to showcase the skills of your employees, with our certificate database Certipedia. This will strengthen your position as an attractive employer in times of skill shortages. Your employees can take certification exams on site or through our online exam supervision – safely, independently and from home. Have the success of your training goals verified independently with a PersCert TÜV certificate. We provide advice without obligation.

What do we offer training organizations?

Are you a training organization in the field of professional training contributing to professional development by adapting professional skills to industry requirements? You and your staff can have the success of your training goals verified independently, with a PersCert TÜV certificate. Give your students the opportunity to get ahead, with a recognized certification. By recognizing a training program as the basis for a certification process, you will receive a quality seal, which is shown in Certipedia. Your participants can also take certification exams through our online exam supervision safely and securely from home.

What do we offer universities?

Universities are currently under increasing pressure to update their courses in a practical and business-oriented manner, and help students develop in the best way possible. In industry, recognized additional qualifications can be an advantage and increase the attractiveness of your students in the market. Your students also have the secure opportunity to take certification exams from home with our online exam supervision.

What do we offer associations?

You are an interest group and would like to further develop the skills management of your membership community to ensure consistent standard. We support you in developing and validating the competence of your members. PersCert TÜV can organize the certification procedures for you and offer your members value add services to present their skills with confidence. Your members can also take certification exams through our online exam supervision – safely and securely from wherever they are around the world. You can build up your membership and establish your quality standards through the certification program specific to your industry and area of expertise. If you want to learn more about how this can drive the value of association membership for your community contact us for advice without obligation in an initial chat.

What do we offer authorities?

Is your authority focused on driving consistent and compliant skills standards within your own organization and the communities you serve? Is driving professional skills and up to date knowledge at the core of your responsibilities within a government body or public entity? PersCert TÜV is a strong standards-driven organization to independently confirm professional competence with an international recognized personnel certificate to drive sustained value and efficiency improvements in accordance with international standards.

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